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Crash’s Landing is Grand Rapids’ largest no-kill shelter for at-risk and stray cats, devoted to taking those without a home and putting them in a loving and caring environment. We are a big family, and many of our kids have had a rough life so far.  Many have been abused, abandoned or neglected, so we do our best to make sure their home has everything they need. Keeping everyone happy, healthy, and safe is no small task. With over 80 of our guys to take care of, our monthly budget is over $14,000. Medical supplies, food, rent, utilities…and that’s just scratching the surface! We rely exclusively on donations and volunteers, and that is why it means so much to us that we have friends to help take care of us.

Because our focus is on helping at-risk cats, their medical needs can be quite extensive when they first arrive at our doorstep. Many have severe injuries or illnesses that need serious care. It is not uncommon for one of our new fuzzbutts to need an operation or two to get back on all fours.

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Petco Foundation Grant Award

Crash’s Landing and Big Sid’s Sanctuary have been awarded a very generous grant from the Petco Foundation’s Holiday Wishes Grant Campaign. Jack B. Nimble, a Crash’s Landing alumni, has become a therapy pet and helps calm his patients with snuggles and purrs. From seniors to students, Jack B. Nimble wins hearts and brightens days.

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Bissell Spay/Neuter Grant

Crash’s Landing and Big Sid’s Sanctuary have received a generous grant of $625 from the Bissell Pet Foundation. This grant will cover the cost of spaying/neutering 25 cats!

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Meet Dax

Our Featured Feline

I’m a huge fan of tuxedo boys, so of course Dax has become one of my favorites. He’s got the charming tux personality with people but is not too crazy about other cats—he has been known to stir up a tiff or two, but quickly walks away from really fighting – he’s not so tough after the matter. He loves belly rubs, tuna flavored anything, and the soft side of him loves his two favorite toys he came in with: a chirpy bird and bluebird. He would do best as an only cat, would do well with older kids, but dogs may be a bit too much for him. His favorite thing in the entire world is crunchy treats—he is OBSESSED with them; whenever he hears a packet being opened he comes running full-force and demands big handfuls. He’ll make a great cat for anyone who wants an only pet with a little bit of spunk.