We care for some of Michigan’s most vulnerable cats

Our rescue is dedicated to providing medical care, comfort and stability to the cats we can and we are typically operating at maximum capacity. As a non-kill rescue, this means we turn away cats we do not have space and finances to offer a great environment. We realize our intake procedure is quite limited, but due to the exceedingly high numbers of homeless cats in our area, we have had to fine-tune our intake process to better serve the cats most in need.

At this time, our intake capabilities are very limited. If you have either an FIV+ or Feline Leukemia positive kitty that needs intake, you may contact us directly at

We do not accept:

  • Owner surrender cats
  • Stray kittens less than 6 months old
  • Cats outside of Michigan
  • Cats dropped off without contacting us in advance
Most vets offer scans for microchips at no cost which can help you determine if the animal you found is truly a stray. If your stray is injured or ill, please contact us and detail the circumstances; our focus is on at-risk cats, so we will do our best to accommodate or assist you. When we do have openings, we ONLY take in stray cats, not owned cats. While waiting for space, we encourage you to have the cat spayed or neutered, low-cost options are available in Grand Rapids. We cannot assist you in placing a cat obtained from a private party under any circumstances.
If you consider the cat to be in dire need of immediate medical attention, please take the animal to either the Animal Emergency Hospital or Michigan Veterinary Specialists for 24-hour emergency care. If the cat has a minor injury or is exhibiting signs of illness, please contact us. Intake priority is given to injured or ill cats when we do have openings. You may also find some useful information at this page.
  1. We take in a very limited number of cats from email and phone requests

We hope that you will continue to care for the stray cat you have found. If you are not in a position to wait for us to have an opening, please contact The Humane Society of West Michigan or another shelter. Please note that we have no control over when there will be an open spot available at Crash’s or Sid’s; be prepared, as the wait could be several months. Email our intake director at

  • There is a $40 to $60 intake donation needed to cover the initial costs of getting your stray program-ready.
  • You are welcome to email us back periodically to see if we have an opening for your stray, but we do recommend that you seek alternate placement options in the meantime. Due to the high number of emails we receive on a daily basis, it will not be possible for us to contact you weekly or monthly.

Thank you for caring about the stray cat in your possession; we need more folks like you!

It may take up to 48 hrs to respond to your call or email. We will do our best to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

For cats we do not accept, please contact The Humane Society of West Michigan, Reuben’s Room, or one of the other fine shelter or rescue organizations in the area. Please understand that ALL shelters, whether open door or not, are always at maximum capacity. They have finite resources and when they reach maximum capacity, with more still coming in the door, they have to make the hard decision to euthanize perfectly healthy animals.