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Meet Anthony Battailia

Here’s what Dr. Jen had to say about Anthony Battailia:

In mid-February of 2016, I received a plea from a concerned employee from the Humane Society of Southwest Michigan regarding an extremely handsome, friendly FIV+ fella (intact) with a nasty, rotting, frostbitten tail. Since he was in dire need of surgery AND FIV+, they weren’t in a position to help him, and unfortunately euthanasia was in his immediate future if alternate placement could not be found. Since it wasn’t his fault that he ended up injured and homeless in St . Joe, his caretaker was doing everything within her power to save his life; she had him signed, sealed and delivered to me on the 18th after making quick work of things. Although super-stinky from being all boy for quite some time (about 4 years, since he was born in early 2012), this buff beauty could not have been nicer or more mellow, even though he was sporting a crispy, crunchy tail that HAD to come off ASAP. He was also anemic, laden with ear mites and a secondary infection that ruptured his ear drums and harboring lung worms—jeez, enough is enough already!

Surgical amputation and neutering was performed after hours that day, and soon Anthony Battailia, as I gleefully dubbed him since he has been ’iced’ was showcasing a stunning snausage in lieu of his blackened, battered tail. I swear he knew he was a stud, as he sauntered around the clinic with his newfound nubbin like he owned the place. 🙂 After a few days of rest and recovery at the clinic, he was getting bored, so I sent him down to our sanctuary to strut his stuff—and that he did! Our cat care director had this to say about our newest hunk:

“Anthony is a big, boisterous boy who is cute coming and going ! That face—it is SO cute that you just want to pinch his cheeks and kiss his head. Then you watch him waddle away and see that little tail twitching—he is so cute form both ends! He is as sweet as can be, totally in love with the volunteers, but still trying to find his place with the other cats; in time he will get there, he just has to learn to be a team player. 🙂 ”

About 10 days after his arrival, poor Anthony suffered a set-back when he came down with Calicivirus, a very contagious respiratory disease that plagues cats without the appropriate vaccine history and weakened immune systems. So, back to the clinic he went for more medical care that included narcotics to counteract painful tongue ulcers. Within a few days he was back to his old, outgoing self, so his sutures were removed and he was sent back to Sid’s to finish out his mandatory quarantine in our ‘penalty box’. Once again, he found this to be quite mind-numbing, but since we had to make sure he was as healthy as possible before he went back into game play, we spoiled him to take his mind off of his troubles. 🙂

Finally after 10 days, a repeat ear flush and almost complete resolution of his middle ear infection, Anthony was ready to be sprung, and hit the ground running, literally. We still have to watch out for his attitude that sometimes puts others on the defense, but overall he is settling in nicely at Big Sid’s and learning to play fair. I won’t lie to you: he wants to be the MVP for sure, but since we have oodles of doting volunteers, he certainly gets ample opportunity to claim the spotlight and steal the show—and your heart in the process. And I have it on good authority that he doesn’t mind it if you pinch his cheeks—both sets!

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