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Meet Cedric

Here’s what Dr. Jen had to say about Cedric:

Southside Sandi stumbled across this striking two-year old (born in early spring, 2019) in late February of 2021, in an alley on, you guessed it, the south side of town. I was a bit busy at the clinic at the time, so she took him to the Humane Society to have him neutered and checked out; turned out he had a retained testicle and had been in a fight that wounded on the right side of his face. He was a bit underweight, which isn’t surprising, but didn’t have internal parasites—he just needed some fattening up!

I got to meet the little sweetheart on March 1st, and would have planned on taking him into the program that very day but I noticed a tiny, flaky lesion on his ear tip that, as I suspected, turned out to be ringworm. So, Cedric had to quarantine at Sandi’s so as not to knowingly expose our current residents with the fungus (which we were already battling). He was doing fine and dandy with Sandi, with the exception of being a bit bored, until he spiked a fever and his right eye swelled almost shut, producing an alarming amount of discharge. Poor guy—everything that happened to him seemed to be relegated to the right (er, wrong) side of his body! After several trips to the vet clinic for care, in which I was able to get both the ocular infection and his temp down, I decided it was best that we take him into Crash’s, as every time her returned to his foster home, his eye worsened; we think he was terribly allergic to something there OR stressed from not being able to socialize with Sandi’s other pets, which then stressed him physiologically. Thankfully his ringworm culture turned out negative after successful treatment, and besides one small flare-up of eye issues immediately after arriving at our place, Cedric rebounded—and bounced around—with ease!

I didn’t name this darling little guy after Cedric the Entertainer, but he surely lives up to the title! Cedric is one of our most affectionate boys, and he is absolutely obsessed with being close to your feet or at your heels at all times. We do have to wonder if this is a separation thing with him because once you sit down by his side he quickly crawls into your lap, begging you not to get up and leave. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, is often seen hanging out with the quieter cats, and LOVES attention. He is as adorable as he is friendly. We would love to see him in a home with kids that will spend every spare minute with him, whether it be just hanging out or engaging him in play with his toys. He deserves all the endless attention he can soak up and a home where he never has to worry about being distanced from his very own family. We don’t think this is too much to ask for and are happy to make it our mission to provide Cedric with the life and family he has always dreamed of!

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