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Meet Rotini

Here’s what Dr. Jen had to say about Rotini:

In Mid-July, 2019 I received a call from the adoption coordinator at Kelley’s Hearts of Hope located here in Grand Rapids regarding a lovely lady they had in their care since January. Although she was posted on their website and available to see when potential adopters came to visit, her FIV status unfortunately became a draw back, and she was relegated to a cage in a room off the beaten bath. Her chances of finding her forever home there were dwindling as each day passed by, so they reached out in the hopes that our free-roaming facility would be just what she needed to find the future she had been dreaming off all of those months. I get it: adopting out healthy adult cats can be challenging, let alone a cat with feline immunodeficiency virus. But no worries—WE GOT THIS! The benefit of our building set up is that when adopters comes to meet our residents, they get to spend as much time as they want at both Crash’s and Big Sid’s, getting to know each and every one of our fabulous felines. And let me tell you, our Sid’s Kids know how to lay on the charm and lure hopeful pet parents their way! Since FIV kitties can live long and healthy lives with appropriate preventative medical care, good nutrition, and lots of TLC, our placement numbers speak of smashing success — our kitties really do sell themselves. 🙂

I took the liberty of renaming this tubby 2-1/2 year old (born in early 2019), as her rotund build and noodle-like flexibility screamed ROTINI! Even sporting her major ear-tip she is stunning, with gorgeous green eyes that make direct contact with you every chance she gets. She is as delightful as they come, and I have NO doubt that our buxom beauty will not be with us long:

“Rotini is as cute as she is funny! She has so much personality packed in to her roly-poly body and is always finding ways to entertain herself. Most of the time you can find her rolling around in the mesh tunnel where she eventually falls asleep on her back, but just far enough in where no one can reach her (hey, a girl likes her sleep!) She moves gracefully around all the other kitties (with enough confidence for three cats), and will let out a growl if anyone tries to enter her space. On that note, she may do best as either an only cat, or living with another cat that isn’t too over-the- top. It makes me sad to think that she sat in a cage for as long as she did, because she loves nothing more than exploring, playing, and being social. Thank goodness she landed here with us, as we will happily be her stepping-stone to bigger and better things!”

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