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Meet Tilda

Here’s what Dr. Jen had to say about Tilda:

This specific kitty isn’t available for adoption at this time, but just because she isn’t brave or comfortable enough to come out of her shell quite yet doesn’t mean that we don’t want to show off a pretty face AND maybe generate some interest in some of our adoptable residents. At Crash’s we believe in allowing each of our cats to set their own pace. We don’t force them into the spotlight, or put them into situations where they may feel frightened so as not to elicit the ‘fight, flight, or flee’ responses. It is important to us that each individual of the feline kind is allowed to explore our free-roaming facility as he or she sees fit, so we provide a multitude of different types of cozy cubbies, tall perches, and catwalks, so that favorite hiding spots and vantage points can be determined by each individual. Although we are all about offering reassuring pets and gentle touches, we understand that some of our Crash Cats have been out on the mean streets for too long without non-threatening human interaction, so it is important to us not to force the issue. So many of our timid—and even terrified—residents have literally blossomed by simply observing how their fellow felines give and receive attention and affection, seeking us out for a reassuring head rub or a walk-by graze of fur meeting an unsuspecting pant leg. 🙂 We don’t have time limits here, so if it takes months or even years for one of ours to settle in and fully embrace what it means to be part of our population, so be it.

So we urge you to cruise through our other Adoptable Pet Listings and read through the bios and stories written; ya never know who you may consider letting into your heart—and home.

Tilda was terribly injured prior to her rescue by none other than Southside Sandi, so her left rear leg has quite the pronounced limp to it; in fact she walks as if she has been sitting in the saddle for a bit too long, but the hitch in her giddy-up doesn’t hamper her mobility – or agility – in the least.

Our shelter director states that she secretly loves attention, but she won’t act like it though if you move towards her too quickly. She’s a bit jumpy, but once she doesn’t feel threatened she can be a sweet girl. I can see her becoming a lap cat with the right person. I think if she went to a quiet home where they DO NOT pill her directly but rather put it in her food like we do she could be adopted. She still gets upset if anyone gets too much in her face. Little girl likes her space. 🙂

We will keep you updated on her progress, and in the meantime, send good vibes her way!

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