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Meet Einya

Here’s what Dr. Jen had to say about Einya:

Einya, all 6.4# of her, arrived at Feline Wellness Center on July 24th via rescuer Jody N. who learned of the intact females plight and scooped her up from a Cedar Springs area known for its careless inhabitants and overpopulation of stray cats in need. She quickly realized that the little lady suffered from significant visual deficits, but what she didn’t realize is that she had an additional thumb nail on her right front paw that had grown completely into her foot and has abscessed – OUCH!! I was able to easily remedy that most unfortunate situation, as well as get her spayed, and as she settled in and I spent more time with her, I was soon singing her praises. This gorgeous girl is nothing short of AMAZING! Not only does the 2-1/2-year-old have monstrous paws (she kind of looked like she had Swiffer pads on sticks), but she is most definitely blind. Yup – she can’t see a darn thing. But does that stop her from achieving ANYTHING and EVERYTHING she sets her mind too? Absolutely not. In fact, to observe her in her element, you wouldn’t appreciate that she can’t see the world around her. In fact, if it weren’t for her permanently fixed pupils, you would be none the wiser. That is the odd thing about her particular brand of blindness: her pupils aren’t fixed and dilated, but rather unable to dilate at all. And her pretty, light green irises tend to bulge, which you can’t detect unless you are up close and personal, but research into the matter confirmed my suspicion that the leukemia virus was the culprit. Sssshhhh…we aren’t going to tell her!

“Einya is doing so well at the shelter. She has had very little trouble finding her way around and is starting to explore the other rooms more. She loves people, and if you approach her slowly and quietly, she will stay right near you looking for pets and back scratches. I’ve seen her chasing toys, using the scratching pad, and getting treats out of the puzzles. She has a very sweet personality, gets along well with everyone, and on occasion she can be found curled up in a bed with a friend. Once she is comfortable with the layout of a new home, she will do very well. I’d love to see her in a home with older kids that will take the time to help her navigate around and respect her for who she is. I do not feel a home with dogs would offer the best life for her. She is, and probably always will be, a little jumpy and unsure of sudden noises and commotion.

She doesn’t let her blindness slow her down at all and has become quite confident and adjusted well to life at the shelter. One of the cutest things about her is how she will search with her big mitten paw for your hand if you dare to stop petting her. She does fine with the other cats and would probably do well living with a kitty buddy if he or she is respectful. Einya is going to make someone very happy. If you’re looking for a sweet, affectionate, little companion, she is your girl!”

One last thing to note: her unusual name is Hebrew for God’s Eye. I certainly think that a higher power was looking out for her, and now that she has landed with us, we will happily continue to care for her, and be constantly impressed by her MAD SKILLS!

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