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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Wocket

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Wocket:

When our volunteer Mary Tinney, who is also a Vet. Tech at Rogue Valley Vet. Hospital, emailed me on March 12th, 2011, it was with a plea for help for an emaciated stray that had been dropped off the week prior. Seems that their client brought the cat in to be euthanized as it was SO sickly and malnourished, but Mary and the doctor there saw potential in the little waif, and decided to treat him as a rescue instead. Weighing in at only just over five pounds, born in March of 2008 we guessed, he was a rack of bones, starving for attention as much as he was for food. RVVH got him up to 6.6 pounds before he arrived a week later, and although he was still in rough shape, he couldn't have been cuter in my eyes!
So Wocket, as I dubbed him, because if he could he would settle himself down in your pocket and let you carry him around all day, has a laundry list of other issues that will need to be addressed once he is healthy. Our little fella suffered some type of injury that damaged the end of his tail, so the end of it will have to be amputated, and several of his back teeth may need to be extracted as well. He also had ear mites and an ear infection secondary to ear mites, and BOY was he ever filthy! He required two baths in the few days that he was at the clinic resting and recuperating (for all the resting he actually did:). Oh, and although he is trying to eat his own weight in food, he likes to wear it on his face as well; although comical, it does make this little whippersnapper a bit pig-pennish!
Wocket has become a fast favorite, partly because he is the underdog in every sense of the word and has already overcome so many obstacles to get to the point where he is. He is also uber-friendly and wants nothing more than to be held, snuggled, fed and loved! Once we get him operating at 100% I cannot wait to watch potential adopters come meet him and see him work his magic, engaging them and winning him over as he has done every single one of us so far:) I will keep you posted on this amazing little fella's progress.
Update 4-1-11: Poor Wocket has had a very rough few weeks, as he took a sudden and frightening turn for the worse, going almost completely blind, having seizures and becoming terribly anemic. Testing showed that he had an infection known as Toxoplasmosis, so I immediately started him on a multi-modal treatment regimen, and after two really rough days where I thought I was going to have to euthanize him, Wocket pulled a BIG miracle out of his pocket and took a turn for the better!
Long overdue update 10-6-13: As you can plainly see, whimsical, wonderful Wocket is a sight to behold! He is brash and beautiful, and although still can be quite the mess-maker at chow time, his seizures are controlling well with his daily medication. Simply put, he is the love of many lives here at Crash's, but although he has claimed many a volunteer as his girlfriend, I know I speak for all of us when I say we would love nothing more for him than to finally have a home of his very own!
This cat has a history of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
This cat has a history of a neurological issue.

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