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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Twitch

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Twitch:

When this poor cat arrived at the clinic, I thought that is was truly a miracle that he was even alive, as he was so emaciated and sickly and suffering from a seizure disorder. Having had the sheer luck to cross paths with Brenda Reber, and Brenda having the determination and will to bring this weathered soul in to us was fate for certain. Twitch, born in perhaps September of 2008, was a filthy, greasy, rail-thin mess; in fact he was so malnourished that his skin was paper-thin and most of the fur was missing from his legs, which were bright pink from exposure to the cold and snow. It brought tears to my eyes as I sedated him and repeatedly washed the grime off of him, caressing every rib bone beneath my hands as I gently scrubbed all traces of his previous, pathetic life off of him. After cleaning his ears thoroughly, as he had a nasty ear infection as well, I gave him injectable antibiotics and let the warm blasts of air from the blow dryer warm him through and thoroughly. Upon his awakening, I filled bowl after bowl of canned food for him to feast on - and feast he did! I don't think I have seen a cat attack food with such ferocity and pleasure, all mixed into one grumbling, gurgling, gluttonous engagement that he SO deserved!
For the next 4 days he consumed two large bowls of dry kibble and 4 cans of food a day, and I used our feeding time as the route to gaining his trust, as he was one wary and wayward soul, not trusting me to treat him well. Slowly but surely, we worked together to allow me to pet him gently as I fed him his breakfast, lunch and dinner. And steadily the race was won, as by day 5, he was literally eating out of my hand. Then, he had another full-blown seizure, which was much to my dismay, as I was hoping it was just hypoglycemia from malnourishment that was causing the episodes Brenda observed. So, I started Twitch on twice-daily Phenobarbital, crushed and mixed in with his soft food, and at the time of my writing this biography, I am happy to say he has yet to have another seizure. Cats rarely fall victim to epilepsy, but I have seen it, and given the fact that all of his lab tests were normal, epilepsy is my current diagnosis.
Twitch now enjoys the company of the other cats, which is fabulous, because he was so uncertain of me that I had hoped a feline partner would make him brave and strong. He had put on three pounds in two weeks and has grown back the fur he lost; he doesn't glow pink anymore either, and finally we are actually seeing his natural fur colors. :)
Twitch is going to be a work in progress, but aren't those the best kind?
This cat has a history of a neurological issue.

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