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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Tripoli

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Tripoli:

On Halloween, 2012, I received the following email from a wonderful man named Don:
"My mother is feeding about eight stray cats of varying ages. She is elderly and lives on the second floor apartment in GR. It is getting increasingly difficult for her to get up and down the stairs to feed these cats on the porch. The cats have become dependent on her. Unfortunately, they are also breeding.
One of the cats is a female with one eye, and only three legs. She is friendly, and it is my sense that she may be a good lap cat, given some TLC. She gets around okay, but I hate to see her suffer this winter. Do you have any suggestions? My wife and I have two cats, and can't take care of any more. We are willing to make a donation if you can take any of these cats. Or, do you know of other organizations or private parties who might be looking for a lap cat, or willing to take one as barn cat. The need shelter. The cats are not being housed inside, but she tries to get in when my mother feeds them. We think that some of them go into the cellar, through a broken door. The crippled cat and her kittens are almost always near my mothers stoop. So, I don't think there will be any problem getting her."
I immediately contacted Don and told him that he and I would make work of getting these cats out of harms way.
"Dr Jen, I can't tell you how much relief this is to me, knowing that they may have a safe place to live. How the mom survived this long with one eye and three legs, in that crappy neighborhood, is a miracle"
So on the morning of October 3rd, I met Don at his mom's house, where we were spied upon by about a half a dozen feral cats I couldn't get near (we contacted a local TNR group to help with this). And slowly but surely we made our way up the stairwell to the apartment where the kitties had spent the night out of the cold. Mom was easy to coax into a carrier, but her frantic and frightened semi-feral offspring had to be tough-loved ( scruffed and scooped into carriers) and taken out of there.
Tripoli, as I named magnificent mama kitty, was born sometime in 2008, and had suffered some sort of trauma or traumas that not only caused her left eye to shrink completely into her head, but also fracture her right foreleg. Poor girl must have carried it close to her body to protect it for so long that is healed in a flexed position, and now resembles a very skinny chicken-wing. However her handicaps do not define who she is, this determined, dedicated mother of 3 boys who beat the odds and lived to tell about it. And not only did she survive on the streets for who knows how long, but she brought these three beautiful babies into the world and protected them with an intensity not to be rivaled.
Now that Tripoli and her family have landed with us, she is able to relax and let us pamper her, which she is thoroughly enjoying:) Her sons were adopted quickly, so momma can relax and soak in the attention.
We all think that Tripoli is simply beautiful, inside and out, and we cannot wait until her adoptive family walks through those doors and scoops her up into welcoming arms. After everything this lovely girl has endured over the years, we want nothing but the best for her; no one deserves it more! She couldn't be more receptive to human companionship and couldn't love you more if she tried! And honestly, could her face be any cuter? Doubtful. Please make an appointment to come meet our spectacular sweetie - you won't leave empty handed:)

Can't adopt, but still want to help? Find out how you can sponsor a cat!

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