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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Tessa

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Tessa:

We were fortunate in February of 2011 that we had space enough to be able to help out another shelter in our area (though not in Grand Rapids) that found itself in the midst of a precarious situation. As I was told, countless cats had spent YEARS in cages, not being put up for adoption or even considered for it; Tessa and Tucker were two of those cats. Here is the quick scoop of their plight:
"These two came to us in September of 2008, when Tessa was three years old (born in September of 2005) and her son Tucker was only a five-week-old kitten (born in August of 2008). They went into a foster home but were brought back, then sat in a back hall waiting to get fixed, only to get bigger and bigger. Finally they were moved out and put into our cat room where they still are, in need of socialization. Let me know if you think you can help."
Could we help? This is what we were meant to do! So on February 24th, fat and fabulous Tessa and her only slightly timid, albeit terrific, son Tucker became official Crash Cats - and boy, were they thrilled! Our first order of business was to set them up in a large run at the clinic, so they could get acclimated to their lack of confinement. Tessa went into hiding for days, and it was only because I had to shave her down and bathe her (she was filthy and matted) that she came out on her own, I think, to show off her new and stunning short hairdo! Tucker, whom they thought would be the most shy, was actually very outgoing and busy, wanting out of his run and into that of another cat we had next door... so we let him do his own thing! He was having so much fun making new furry friends that mama soon allowed Abe into her domain, and although she wasn't quite as smitten with him as he clearly was with her, she allowed him to sit within a few feet of her and gaze upon her loveliness (it was hysterical!).
It is a shelters job to rescue and to adopt, but it is also their job to know when they are in over their heads and to ask for help. Luckily Tessa and Tucker were not lost in the shuffle of everyday shelter life, and although ignored for a big part of their stay there, they did tug on the heartstrings of a small but dedicated group of employees who made it their goal to get them to a place where they could enjoy a better life until a forever home is found for them!

Current residents
Crash's: 124
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Since opening in Oct. 2002
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