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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Squint Eastwood

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Squint Eastwood:

In March of 2011, Gina from Focus on Ferals contacted me about a big tabby boy with FIV that had some major eye issues were in need of repair. Seems that the caregivers to this assumed feral fella could pet him, but when Gina tried, he was a bit cranky; given the condition of his eyes, she understood why. This poor four fella (born in March of 2007 I would guess) had been living with a very painful condition called entropion, where his lower eyelids rolled inward severely, rubbing on his corneas. When Gina got him, there was so much pus and mucous covering his eyes themselves; it was a wonder he could see at all. So I took him to surgery and removed wedges of skin beneath each eye, so that when he awoke, there would be no inward roll to the skin; this was by far the most pronounced case of have seen bilaterally ( will spare you the pictures as they are really upsetting to say the least). It took almost an entire week, until I removed the stitches, until Squint here fully opened his eyes, hence his name (plus, he is one tough guy, so he needed a tough icon to be named after!) It was truly an amazing difference from when he arrived the clinic to when he left 8 days later - he could open his eyes fully, though tentatively at first, and when sitting in the window at Big Sid's, you could see him actually take a good, wide look at the outdoors and enjoy it! In fact, most of his time has been spent sitting in that same spot, taking in all that is going on around him - how fabulous! Initially Squint is a bit unsure when you approach him, and of course since I am the doctor and he sees me as that bad lady who gives him his medicine, he hisses at me for a few seconds. But, he lets me pick him up and gently hold him, though he prefers to be on solid ground, or sharing his sill with another Big Sid's Kid. It upsets me greatly that the initial veterinarian who neutered this boy didn't do a darn thing to correct his problem, even though our job as medical professionals is to 'first do no harm'; if we see a problem in this stray population that we have promised to care for, then by God, we need to fix it. Luckily Gina was on top of things and got him into me, so this story has a happy ending! Ok, a happy middle, as I am pushing for this big guy to be able to get a home of his own one fine day - he certainly deserves to see that day, literally!

Current residents
Crash's: 124
Big Sid's: 126

Since opening in Oct. 2002
2202 Adoptions
(221 from Big Sid's!)