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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Rowland

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Rowland:

Well, if I hadn't already had a cat named Houdini, this remarkable little escape artist would have so been named. Or Al-catraz, but we have one of those too. Born in October of 2009, this fantabulous (yes, that IS a word) boy ended up as an injured Easter treat at my friend Thaisa's house; hungry and looking for a handout, she of course took him in until she could get in touch with me. As it turned out this intact male had a nasty corneal ulcer on his right eye due to an inward roll of his lower eyelid; the eyelashes were essentially lashing the surface of his eyeball, causing tremendous pain. To top it off, he had a nasty case of ear mites and had traumatized the bases of his ears from digging at them furiously, greasy hormonal stud-tail and fleas. Luckily, I could fix all of the above:) Now comes the funny part: he proved to me that he couldn't behave himself in a cage post-op, trashing it beyond compare. So I moved him into a large run to recover, but he quickly climbed over with the ease and grace of Superman (now that would have been a name to consider). So I gave up and just locked him in the clinic isolation ward, allowing him to roam free, reveling in whatever havoc he could create. From the door window I would observe him happily rolling over and over in the middle of the floor, gleefully rubbing himself silly on the catnip pillows provided for his entertainment. Ok, those of you who know me understand that I often have many reasons why I pick a particular name for a cat, an d his name is now exception: he's a tiger cat with an eye injury, which reminded me of the band Survivor who sang "Eye of the Tiger'. Kelly Rowland was in Destiny's Child and sang a song called 'Survivor'. But I didn't like the name Survivor, even though I AM a huge Jeff Probst fan, so I took creative liberties and picked Rowland. Weird how my mind works. But the name works too! Well, little did I know his antics couldn't be contained to that cozy little room. He needed the weekend to recover form his surgery before I brought him down to Crash's, but he had other ideas. I came in to the clinic Saturday morning to find him playing hide-and-seek with me in the hallway; I just assumed I hadn't shut the door tight. But when I pulled in the driveway Sunday morning and saw that mischievous little orange face looking out the front door at me, I knew that he had somehow figured out how to open he door. And to top it off, he taught our clinic cat Sloane how to do the same thing! So off the shelter we went, where I foolishly thought I could contain him in the intake room; shift after shift would arrive to find him running cheerily down the hall, as if to say 'HA! Just try to contain all of this magnificence!" And as you can see by the picture above, he found another creative way to escape. Funnier yet is that if we allow him to roam freely (typically we wait 3 weeks until all vaccines are on board), he finds a way to get back IN to the room he couldn't wait to escape from. GO FIGURE! So I guess what I am saying is that is you want to enrich your life with the antics of this particularly playful, cleverest of clever creatures, you best come meet him soon, because I think he may disappear very, very soon :) Thanks for taking time to find out more about our Crash Cats!!

Current residents
Crash's: 124
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Since opening in Oct. 2002
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