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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Ricki Jo

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Ricki Jo:

Before I get into my description of Ricki Jo, who came to us in April of 2012, I have to tell you all a little bit about her owners, two of the most wonderful people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Back when I was a new graduate from veterinary school (circa 1995), I was befriended by a lovely older couple who doted on me as much as I did their dogs at the time. Over the years, we grew closer, as trials and tribulations with their pets brought them in to see me on a regular basis. Then dear Dode decided to start making carrier pads for our rescue, and soon after she and Norm started sponsoring a cat monthly as well. I was saddened when they moved north to Traverse City to be closer to their two daughters and their families, but thrilled when they would stop in once a month to catch up and deliver more hand-made pads. And I was even more elated when these self-proclaimed 'dog-people' adopted over the course of a few years four fabulous felines. In fact, it wasn't surprising to find pics of 'the girls' included with their monthly donations, or a few words here and there as to how Angie, their old Yorkie was getting along with her new family members. I felt like I knew these cats even though they were miles away.
Well, in the fall of 2011, Norm was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and only a short while later, Dode had a stroke; within a few short weeks she had passed away. Norm and I kept in touch and though our correspondences tapered off as his health declined, his donations never stopped coming in. Sadly, in early April 2012, their daughter called me to tell me that Norm had gone to be with Dode:(
Cyndie and her sister Beth were unsure of what to do with the girls, but since Norm and Dode had always been such huge supporters of not only Crash's but mine as well, I immediately offered to take them all in. Those cats had already had their world turned upside down twice, the least I could do was provide some stability for them. So on April 7th, the girls made the trek to Grand Rapids; it was tough for Cyndie and Beth to let them go, but they felt better knowing that we would care for each one of the girls with the same TLC their parents had given them over the past few years.
So, this brings me to the description of red-patch tabby Ricki Jo, born in April of 2010, the most insecure of the group, and also Norm's favorite. Because he was the one to coax her in from the great outdoors, she trusted him implicitly; it breaks my heart to realize that she is a bit lost without him, her anchor, but thankfully she does have an amazing feline support system (and us humans too). We try to spend as much time with her as we can, to boost her confidence and to let her know she is not alone. If only we could explain what happened.... In time I am positive she will blossom; Norm saw her potential and we do too!

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