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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Radar

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Radar:

Right before Halloween, 2011, I received an email from our friend on the other side of the state, Becki Mayo, who was looking for help for a friend of hers who came across a wonderful cat who'd tested positive for the Feline Leukemia virus. Seems that Julie Zielke noticed this gorgeous guy slinking around her property in June or July of 2011. Radar, as she named him for his crumpled ears, would come around more as she would sit outside and just talk to him, all the while leaving food out to work her way into his heart. She was simply sitting on the porch waiting for him one day when he rounded the corner and stopped; holding out her hand with food, this cat she thought was feral threw himself on the ground, allowing her to pet him and scoop him up in her arms. As she put it, she now had herself a fulltime outdoor friend. She made an appointment for him at Voiceless for Animals for his neuter, testing and vaccinations. During his continued stay she was not able to find him a permanent home. Julie's daughter decided she would then take Radar if he passed his exam, as she had three other cats in her home. It was discovered at his visit that he had been shot by a BB gun, his ears were previously damaged (though no cause was sought out or a diagnosis made at that time), but the worst news came when she was told he was carrying the Feline Leukemia virus. Julie was heartbroken, knowing she could no longer let him live outdoors, and that she was unable to bring him into her home or send him to her daughter (she herself had 5 other cats); she didn't know what to do. Her vet gave her info on who to contact, and Becki stepped up and became Julie and Radar's savior, as she put it. Becki contacted us, and the rest is history.
Now, I love nothing more than a good rescue, but I found that once Radar arrived, his internal story book read a bit differently than expected. Born in the winter of 2009, Radar appeared to have been plagued with such a nasty ear infection from an early age, that his untreated ears suffered the consequences and his left one crumpled, scarring down like cauliflower. He was also flea-ridden and his BB removal site was infected - poor guy. But it was his lab work that was the real page-turner, as he was terribly anemic, probably from being parasite-ridden, coupled with that damn virus. I immediately set out to give him the benefit of every doubt, hitting him hard with steroids and antibiotics to try to reverse the anemia and counteract infection at the same time, since I wasn't 100% sure if a blood parasite from the fleas was causing the bone marrow suppression, or if it was the Feleuk that was his problem. In my line of work, I treat the treatable and hope for the best, throw in prayer and positive thinking and do what I can. At this time, Radar's future is unknown, but his present is comfortable with us here at the sanctuary, making fine, furry friends and making the volunteers fall easily head-over-heels in love with him!
**Update 1-11-12** Radar's last CBC is promising as his treatment appears to be working and his bone marrow is cranking out red blood cells! If all goes as planned, we WILL be able to find this remarkable boy a home of his own!

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