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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Lillie Beth

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Lillie Beth:

Lillie Beth's tale of woe is quite interesting, as I was lucky enough to be able to get a first hand account of how she came to be in the first place, which is rare with stray cats. Born on a farm in march of 2009, Lillie was taken home by a nice couple who didn't realize that raising a barn kitten can be a bit more problematic than one who was handled by humans form the get go. Determined to make it work, they had her spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and did their best to make her part of their family. But,a s a young wild child, country girl Lillie had other ideas, and kept finding ways to escape their home. This happened so often, even though they thought that they had kitten proofed their house, that when she escaped again in April of 2010, they figured she would be back sooner rather than later.
Well, spring turned itno summer, summer to fall and no Lillie; that is until volunteer Leanne Foster's mom decided it was too cold to let a stray that had been hanging around on her street all summer stay outdoors. So Leanne brought her in,a nd much to my surprise, I scanned her and identified her and her owners by the microchip. Now here is where the story gets interesting.... So I call and leave a message for the owner on the 4th of November when I took her in,and I don't hear anything back. I test her and vaccinate her, bathe her - basically readying her for her trip to Crash's - and they walk on it to the clinic.
I happily bring her into the room where they are, and she doesn't recognize them: instead, she spends the entire time rubbing my legs and scurrying in and out between them. We get to talking,a nd collectively we diced that Lillie is much happier with me than she ever was with them, and they asked if I wouldn't mind keeping her. WOW! Not only did I find an owner (which never happens) but they though she was in better hands with us! I was impressed; not only were they thinking of her and her best interest, but they felt we were better equipped to give her what she needed and to keep her safe.
So, I agreed, and took her on down to the shelter, after I surgically repaired two hernias she had. And you know what? that little wild child they knew blossomed into a wonderfully mellow, beautiful (inside and out) girl who is loving it with us! They couldn't believe how much she had matured it the time she was gone, and how lovely she had become, but were so fearful she would escape again , they didn't want to risk it. It is true; this is a remarkable cat and we are thrilled to her have with us and be able to be giving her the second chance she deserves!

Current residents
Crash's: 124
Big Sid's: 126

Since opening in Oct. 2002
2202 Adoptions
(221 from Big Sid's!)