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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Leslie

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Leslie:

Naming this spunky little torbie girl who was found by the Parks and Recreation Department in Wyoming on September 25th, 2012 was really a no-brainer; Knope, it had to be Leslie:) Feisty and fun, full of spit and vinegar yet melting like spun sugar in your arms (when she feels like it), little Leslie is a dynamo in every sense of the word! Born in late February of 2012, I have no idea how she ended up helpless and homeless near Plaster Creek, but luckily the Parks and Rec. workers know who they can call when they stumble across a kitty in need. Thin and as hungry as a small horse, she was flea-ridden and dirty, in need of a hot meal and a warm bath, eating about as much as she weighed (6 pounds) in the first few days after her arrival.
A bit ornery with the other kitties at first, Leslie learned that she was allowed to roam free if she played nice, so she changed her attitude so she could enjoy freedom, taking our shelter by storm! But this poor little girl soon developed numerous medical issues that landed her at the vet clinic for the greater part of three weeks: her body reacted to and rejected the sutures used in her spay incision so she developed a nasty infection and had to undergo several minor surgeries to remove the sutures and clean up the area. Then the poor girl developed tongue ulcerations secondary to calici virus, a respiratory bug that unvaccinated kittens often fall prey too. However, ever the trooper and not one to let adversity stand in her way of accomplishing great things, she bounded back with exuberance and at the writing of this biography, she is currently running up and down the halls of Crash's, leaving unsuspecting victims in the wake of her frenzy:)
Knowing her as I do, since we have spent so much quality time together at the clinic, I feel she would thrive in a home with only a cat or two (she did take quite a shine to Trigon as they both recuperated from their respective surgical procedures). She is quite outgoing and very much the busy body, so a household that can match her energy level would be ideal. Don't get me wrong - she is up for some heavy-duty snuggling, but you just got to let her tucker out first:) And don't forget just how darned cute she is; a face like that is hard to come by and even more difficult to resist!

Current residents
Crash's: 124
Big Sid's: 126

Since opening in Oct. 2002
2202 Adoptions
(221 from Big Sid's!)