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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Kamikaze

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Kamikaze:

So, when I went out to Harbor Humane Society this January to welcome three of their long awaiting FIV cats into our sanctuary, I stumbled across this pathetic then-two-year-old (born in january of 2005) who had been brought in from local animal control the night before. His right shoulder was wounded and infected, his left eye closed shut and infected, and pus and snot were pouring out of every facial orifice - he wasn't a pretty picture. Since their doctor was on vacation for another week, the fate of this poor soul would be terminal, so I agreed to take him home and see what I could do. And, he tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), so in that condition, the staff there told me that they would have no choice but to euthanize.
Well, once I got Kamikaze into the clinic, I discovered that he was suffering from a nasty bite wound abscess of the arm, and a severe corneal ulcer of the left eye — nothing that couldn't be fixed! So after a few days of heavy-duty meds and lots of down home TLC, I am very proud to say that this fella was on the mend! He needed several baths to remove the grease and grime and tree particles from his dingy, sparse fur, and he sports quite a few scabs and scales from previous battles, but all in all, Kazi does NOT have a death wish anymore! In fact, he wishes he would have found our place long ago, because now the food runs aplenty, the soft linens are piled high as his good eye can see, and the people there tend to his every need, well they think he is pretty handsome in spite of it all!
Thanks to the staff of HHS for letting me take Kazi home to our Sanctuary! He sure is loving it here, and we love him to pieces! And thanks to long-time supporter Priscilla Bovee for your year's worth of sponsorship for this wild and wacky guy, who has spent darn near a month at my house recovering from ringworm! Plus he needed a bit of an attitude adjustment - seems that he really didn't care for other cats until he came to stay at Casa la Crazy- with only 3 dogs and 8 other cats, Kazi now realizes that other critters aren't so bad after all! he now just wants to pester them and play - all day long!
Funny update for 2008 Our Kazi likes to be vacuumed - who woulda thought THAT?!

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