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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Jimbo

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Jimbo:

Back in January of 2012, Lindsey from Muskegon County Animal Control emailed me about a giant-sized guy they got in as a stray. Although he had previously been neutered (his ear was tipped), he was a little rough looking and needed some TLC; although as sweet as pie, it appeared as if he had lived outside his entire life. He was so outgoing and friendly that he was about to get himself adopted, when his test showed he was FIV positive. Now, having this virus isn't nearly as scary as it would seem to the general public, and those of us who are familiar with it know that a cat that doesn't bite is NOT going to transmit the virus, so he can and SHOULD be adopted:) These cats that are left outdoors to fend for themselves contract the virus through no fault of their own, so why should they be penalized for human stupidity? He was SO close to having his life changed forever that it broke Lindsey's heart that she had to send the folks home without their jumbo sized pick. But, she knew we would be able to help him, so at least he had another option besides that adoption.
When I took in this fellow (born in March of 2006 I would guess) on March 14th 2012, I was greeted with a purr to rival the best I have heard; in fact all 18 pounds of him were vibrating with sheer delight as I examined him, updated his vaccines and gave him just as warm of a welcome as he had me. He was filthy from having been outdoors and then caged for 2 months and was in need of dentistry and a few extractions, so I got him all cleaned up, scrubbed down and pulled those loose incisors that were bugging him. When he emerged from the grooming suite, I think he was truly thrilled to be smelling so sweet and looking so dapper!
I was excited to get him down to our shelter from the clinic, as he would not have to set foot in another cage again as long as I had something to say about it, nor would he have to want for anything now that he was a Big Sid's Kid! He immediately took in his new surroundings, and proceeded to settle himself up on a shelf where he could survey the scenery and get to know everyone. It took him a bit of time to warm up to the other cats, but he took a quick shine to the volunteers who began doting on every inch of him immediately. I can attest to the fact that many of our female volunteers became quite smitten with Jimbo and his jovial nature, his come-hither purr and his enthusiastic head butting that accompanies his affection every time he sees you. And to think that if he had ended up elsewhere, he may never have made it to us; thanks to Lindsey and her crew for giving Jimbo a much deserved second chance at the type of life he is entitled to. I guarantee you we WILL find him a wonderful home of his own someday!

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