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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Jenni

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Jenni:

When I emailed my friend Lindsey from Harbor Humane Society in May 2011, and asked her if she had any long-term cats there that needed a better chance at adoption, she was ecstatic! Seems that a pretty little black girl had come into their place back in July of 2008 or 2009 (records are unclear) and had lived in a cage in their surgery suite for well over a year, then was shipped out to a local pet store where she literally sat for months on end. Jenni wasn't too fond of being poked and prodded through the cage doors, nor housed too closely to another cat, so being showcased out in the open was not her idea of a good time. Luckily for her, though, one of our volunteers was a manager at that store, and the two of them became good buddies. He was thrilled to learn that Crash's was going to be able to take her in and get a shot at adopting her out!
Jenni arrived with a slight head tilt, and otoscopic exam under sedation revealed she had a perforated ear drum resulting from a previous ear infection she had. The tilt is mild enough that is doesn't cause her impairment or balance issues, but it may very well be permanent. In any case she is a very lovely little lass, weighing a mere 8 pounds. Her favorite spot upon intake was a cozy cubby she hunkered right down into; I think the girl relishes privacy after all of her time in the spotlight, so to speak! Born in October of 2007, I am wondering just how much calm her life contained before she ended up a stray!
Not too terribly long after she settled in, Jenni fell ill, and her labwork showed a significant anemia. Intensive steroid treatment and antibiotic therapy did nothing to rectify this perilous situation, so I was forced to think outside of the box and undertake a risky surgery; ultimately that proved to save her life. Now without a spleen, she is happier than ever and feels SO much better! She hasn't fallen prey to more serious complications, like increased systemic infections, so the surgery was deemed an amazing success! She doesn't require any special long-term treatment, just an indoor home where she can be pampered on a daily basis, and yearly vet visits to have her red blood cell count checked. Just take a look at that precious face and ask yourself if you can give Jenni the home she so craves and deserves after everything that she has been through.

Can't adopt, but still want to help? Find out how you can sponsor a cat!

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