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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Irish Rose

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Irish Rose:

Back in March of 2008, one of our employees at the vet's office came to work to find this little dumpling sitting on doorstep, with a note attached to the carrier explaining a brief history. Seems that this darling girl (born in 2001) had a history of mouth infections and gum disease, and her owners just couldn't care for her anymore. Wow - what a mouth she did have (no wonder she was squawking all of the time:). Since we have had her, Rosie has undergone multiple dentals and many extractions to get her little oral cavity back up into tip-top shape. She may not have many teeth, but she eats with vigor (like she does everything else) and tackles hard kibble with ease.
Rosie is quite charming and quite an opinionated chatterbox, so it was easy to see how volunteer Pat Foster fell in love with her. In the fall of 2008, Pat took Rosie home, but alas, it was not meant to be, as Rosie wanted to be the only belle of the ball, and Pat shared her home with 2 other kitties, one of whom just wouldn't stand up to Rose and her dominant ways. So to spare kitty Katie's frazzled nerves, we took Rose back on in, and let me tell you, she is something! All six to seven pounds of her lets you know where she is, what she wants, and that she is gonna get it:) She is an attention monger, adores human contact, and truth be told, really wants to be the only cat, the queen of her castle! So we are embarking on a journey to find her the purr-fect only-cat household (which sometimes ain't easy) so that Rose can reign supreme! She is a delightful little lass, the epitome of the perfect lap cat, and a gal who has lots of love to give!
Update 9-9-09 Well our little darling has had some chronic mouth issues, that is for sure - recently I had to extract a few more of her teeth as they were giving her such problems. But, don't worry, as she is as happy as ever, eating up a storm and feeling much better!
Thanks for taking time to find out more about our Crash Cats!!
This cat has a history of stomatitis.

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