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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Gertie

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Gertie:

It can be really difficult for a previous Crash Cat to come back to us after years of having lived in a home, especially when that cat was merely a kitten when first with us. So when one of our volunteers emailed me to tell me that her 87-year-old aunt could no longer care for the siblings she had since the fall of 2004, I was a bit worried. Born in April of 2004, Gertie and Gilbert came to us as semi-feral youngsters from a Wyoming apartment complex. Gorgeous Gertie was the more timid of the two. The kittens warmed up to us nicely. I was fortunate enough to care for the pair over the years at the vet clinic, watching them blossom into affectionate, fun-loving felines, as well as watching them grow into good-sized adults:) It was bittersweet having to take them back in, but I was thankful that our open door policy allows us to do just that; no matter when a previously adopted Crash Cat needs us, we are there for them.
I was even more thankful when one of our own volunteers decided to take Gertie home and give her a whirl shortly after her re-arrival. But try as hard as she may to make things work out with this beyond-lovely lady for months on end, harmony at home couldn't be achieved. Seems that our gregarious girl here has demands that need to be met or she acts out by avoiding the litter box. And although a petite pussycat at a mere eight pounds, Gert will badger and bully any cat who gets in her way, which simply didn't fly (but the fur did!) So as heartbroken as she was, Harriet decided that it just wasn't a good fit, and brought Gertie back in hopes of finding her a home of her very own (and one with two litter boxes, as she prefers them squeaky clean).
And even though she was a little pill at times, Harriet had these wonderful things to say about her: "She is very loving and wants nothing more than to be in your lap snuggling or being brushed/combed. She has some cute mannerisms such as when she wants your attention she will tap your leg with her paw and then talk to you. She sleeps on the bed every single night and would prefer a quiet environment."
So if you think you can give this girl just what she is asking for, please let us know. She is too sweet and special to give up on; we just need to find a place for her to feel secure so she doesn't lash out, and can reach her full, fabulous potential. Harriet saw the best in her and we do too!

Can't adopt, but still want to help? Find out how you can sponsor a cat!

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