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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Gabby

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Gabby:

Some cats talk, some cats meow, some cats bellow, some cats wail...and then there is Gabby, aka Mr. Mouth, who does it all...all of the time:) Born in February of 2010 I think, The Gab-man ended up a stray in rural Charlotte, outside of a vacant factory, until a security guard there befriended him. Wounded in multiple places on his neck, the guard enlisted the help of his friend, Tammy Colling, who sought medical care for the mouthy one, to sadly learn he tested positive for Feline Leukemia virus. Unable to place him with any of the local shelters, she and Terry Tubbs and a few other fine folks cared for him, bringing him into the guard shack on super hot summer days, until they were reprimanded and told not to.
Then, one day Gabby came up missing, and they feared the worst had happened, but lo and behold a few days later he came on back, sporting the tell-tale left ear notch of a cat who had been trapped/neutered and returned. However the gang didn't realize what had happened and thought he was in harm's way even more than he had been, so they made work of getting him to us ASAP.
Now I am sure that car ride from Charlotte to Grand Rapids was quite a loud road trip, and I think Gabby was ever so glad to be released from his plastic prison of transportation, as he bounded out of the carrier and into my arms, yakking all about his trials and tribulations:) It wasn't until later that day when I had sedated him to clean his wounds that I noticed his neuter site was badly infected, but nothing I couldn't get under control. He was also quite anemic from being previously badly flea infested, but steroids and antibiotics started working their magic, and within days, Gabby had put on weight and was singing our praises!
Now, he was one of those cats that, once introduced to the 115 others at our Sanctuary, had NO problem fitting right in immediately. He wasn't going to go through the introductory cage transition, nor was he going to be contained in our intake room, no sirree!! And even though he couldn't sport a collar with a name tag on it until his neck wounds healed, everyone knew who he was instantly - there was no mistaking that yowl:) Our volunteers say that he acts like a lovesick puppy, following you around from room to room, just begging for attention (and of course getting it)!
He is truly one of a kind and we are so happy that such a kind group of people took him under their protective wings and got him to us. With a purr-sonality as pronounced as his is, I am hoping Gabby gets a home of his own soon - he will make a fabulous addition to any family willing to take on a boisterous, brash, bold, bellowing Feleuk boy:) It will truly be a Gab-fest!

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