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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Franklin

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Franklin:

It was quite a group effort to get the fabulous Franklin to our sanctuary this fall, but an effort well worth it. I first received an email from Nancy Fisher back on August 17th, 2011:
"I'm sorry to ask you this, but we have a wonderful tabby male here through Planned Pethood that is over the top friendly. He has been boarded at the vet's office for two months without anyone offering him a home. He was found by a 90-year-old woman with an apparent eye injury and unfortunately tested positive for FIV. He gives hugs and kisses to the girls at the office and everyone just loves this mellow guy, but our resources are lacking for FIV cats. One of your former volunteer's mother would transport this wonderful cat to you from the east side of the state. I just feel you have the informed adopters and volunteers that we lack in our area and will give him a chance. Thank you."
Well, I wasn't sorry in the least she asked for our help, and on September 22nd, Sharon Isley was finally able to deliver Franklin to us, going an hour out of her way just to pick him up, then driving 3 hours to get him to us! She emailed me that the girls in the office were in tears seeing him go and told me she was so glad she could help him get to his forever home. I am hoping that Big Sid's is just his temporary home, as this cat (born in June of 2010) has SO much to offer I would hate to see him spend the rest of his life here. Not that our place isn't fabulous, but c'mon, a home of his own would be tops!
Franklin gets along with everyone, and since we always have 130 cats at our place on any given day, that is a lot of socializing and networking undertaken. He is as handsome as they come, and yes, very mellow and affectionate as we were told. I can't imaging someone having to euthanize this darling boy just because he has FIV; he isn't a biter, so he could very well go into a home with a non-FIV cat. Something to consider, as placing FIV cats is becoming less of a chore and more the norm due to the fact that the majority of the FIV cats you will encounter are docile and laid-back, just wanting to love and be loved:) Franklin will surely shower you will all of the love and affection you can handle!

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