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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Frank

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Frank:

Our new friends from Hazel Park Animal Control had originally rescued Frank and his pal Sir Winston but had no luck in adopting out either FIV fella, so they asked for our help.
Here is Frank's write up on their adoption website:
"Frank came to the shelter as a stray with his buddy Sir Winston. Frank and Sir Winston had been seen running down the street for a couple of months before a resident was able to bring them into the shelter. He appears to have spent some time living on his own, but he is very good-natured. He loves laying on his Kuranda Bed. He spends most of his time lounging about. He doesn't play with toys much, and like Sir Winston, prefers the company of humans and cats. He does well with other cats and ignores dogs. Frank likes being petted behind the ears. He is quite the character, when you pet him he will flop down and roll over onto his back. He is neutered, up to date on shots, he is special needs as he is positive for FIV. He needs to be an indoor only cat. He also has broken canine teeth. Life on the streets has been rough for this guy!"
Finally, on August 9th, 2012, both boys were able to make the trip across the state to become the newest members of Big Sid's Sanctuary. Although a big boy at thirteen pounds, Frank is a bit timid in new surroundings, letting Winston take the lead and following behind him. He has broken upper canines, is missing part of one of his toes on his right rear foot and had quite an ear infection upon arrival. Born in early 2010 we think, he surely spent a great deal of time on the streets, given the state he was found in. Luckily though his time as a tom didn't toughen him up too much, as he is sweet, unassuming and attention seeking, wanting only to be loved and cared for with a gentle hand (we have plenty of those!) And you know how I adore the FATHEADS, let alone the gorgeous gray ones; I am in heaven, and I think Frank is too!
Both boys can definitely be adopted out as neither has a bone to pick with anyone and both only want the cushier, comfier things in life, like a warm lap, a cozy bed and unlimited TLC. Since they don't have any inclination to fight or bite, there is no risk of virus transmission, so once again, ADOPTION is a viable OPTION! Thanks to Nicole Charbonneau and the Hazel Park crew for making the transfer of these two terrific guys possible!

Current residents
Crash's: 124
Big Sid's: 126

Since opening in Oct. 2002
2202 Adoptions
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