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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Eugenia

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Eugenia:

Sometimes the stories behind the arrival of some of our cats make me so angry that I want to explode. Sometimes the cats come in to us in such sad shape that I want to cry. Eugenia's case is both. On September 6, 2011 we happened to get a call at the clinic from Abigail Grimm, who informed us that her deadbeat neighbors moved out and left their poor cat behind; what made it worse is that the cat had recently given birth to a litter, but she was tossed outside to fend for herself, and the babies were taken away when the idiots moved. And what broke Abigail's heart is that mama kitty would sit huddled next to the house, crying to be let back in, day after day, not realizing her babies had been ripped away from her callously, and she had been thrown out like trash.
So, I guess it didn't surprise me any when she was brought in to me that she was in such poor shape: heavily flea-infested, lactating and sore, and loaded with ear mites so badly that her left ear had swollen like a tick about to pop. She was underfed and underweight, not understanding what she did to deserve such a fate. Well, I went to work on righting the many wrongs that had been inflicted upon her at such a young age (she was born in March of 2010), and I immediately decided she needed a name that would exemplify just how strong she was. Having been reading The Help, I decided upon Eugenia, after the lead character; but I also have to confess, that given the sorry state of her soon-to-be-crumpled ear, and having watched the fashion trends of the royal wedding, I felt Eugenia fit also, like those God-awful hats worn by the Duchesses of York (twisted, I know:)
As of the writing of this bio, I am MORE THAN HAPPY to say that my little lady is thriving in her new home; it isn't a castle but it is fit for kitty royalty, and she sure feels like a true princess with us! Never again shall she be discarded or ignored, hungry or hurting...she is a precious as they come, and we will make sure Eugenia lands herself in a home that will treat her with care, consideration and kindness.

... and as you can see from the photo above, Eugenia has filled out a bit since arriving at Crash's. She is a healthy, fine lady, and she would make a wonderful addition to some fortunate household.

Current residents
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