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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Eileen

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Eileen:

On March 19, 2006 I took in this effervescent young lady after she was hit by a car and suffered a fractured left humerus. Born in March of 2003, we aren't quite sure how she ended up in the front yard of a NE side resident, but I sure am glad he stopped me that Sunday as I was taking out the trash to ask for help. The leg wasn't salvageable but she certainly was worth saving, so we took her to surgery that week, removing her forelimb and giving her a new leash on life! Eileen quickly rebounded, recovering with such ease and grace that you would have thought she was born with only three limbs!
It wasn't long afterwards that she captured the eye of a client of mine, who fell head over paws in love with this darling, daring dame. Lee took her home to join his dynamic duo at home, and the three of them lived harmoniously together, adding in a 4th rescue in 2010, until Lee sadly succumbed to cancer in in June of 2012. Lee and I had spoken when he was given his diagnoses just a few short weeks before, making arrangements for Crash's to take his 'kids' in should anything happen to him; I don't think either one of us expected that time to come so soon.
Of the fab foursome, Eileen was the one cat I had absolutely no doubt would take to her new surroundings with ease and excitement, as she has always had an outgoing and fearless personality, and it has obviously served her well. As a matter of fact, the volunteers who had not ever known her before were absolutely amazed at her acrobatics, impressed with how she leaped from floor to windowsill without even blinking an eye, balancing on narrow perches with the stability of a seasoned tight-rope walker. Me, I knew she had it in her, so it was fun for me to sit back and read the emails raving about her skills:)
I promised Lee I would do my very best to find his kids the type of home he had given them over the years, one where each and every one of them would be cherished and appreciated for the majestic, marvelous creatures that they are. In them his memory will live on.

Current residents
Crash's: 124
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Since opening in Oct. 2002
2202 Adoptions
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