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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Cressida

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Cressida:

During the summer of 2012 I received this email for help:
"Hi my name is Judy and I have a feline leukemia positive cat that I need to find a home for. She was dumped off in our area last year (December of 2010) and I took her in so that I could find her a home. She ended up being positive for the virus and the rescue group that I was working with did not handle positive cats. I have been taking care of her since then. I will be moving in two weeks and I will be unable to take her with me. I am getting pretty desperate at this point. I have been trying for months to find a shelter or home for her. The vet believes she is around 3 years old. Since she was diagnosed last year and she has not shown any symptoms. She is a very sweet, loving and friendly cat. I would really like to find her a good home. I would be willing to make a donation towards her care. I know you are quite a distant from me but I have not found any of your type of rescues in my area. Can you help?"
Well, as you know we always have a waiting list for our sanctuary that seems to be a mile long but Judy was patient and happily she was able to deliver this gorgeous gray and white girl to me on September 4th. Born in the summer of 2009, cute and catnip-crazed Cressida, as I dubbed her, is a striking sweetie that bears an uncanny resemblance to one of our former FIV fellas, Barnum, may he rest in peace. So I asked Judy to give me a synopsis of her purrsonailty traits, so I could paint a more accurate picture of what she is all about:
"She is a real hog when it come to food or anything else. She also seems pretty even tempered, not high strung at all. When the dogs were in the house she didn't seem bothered by them; she didn't interact with them much but wasn't afraid of them either. She liked both of my cats from the start so I am hoping she will warm up quickly as she didn't take any time to warm up to me and my family. The first time I met her she was all over me for pets and TLC. She seems to be fairly young so she is more active than some cats, but not hyper. When we would lay in bed she would love to come and lay on our chest. She would try to escape outdoors every time we opened the door. I think she may have been an outdoor cat or let outdoors. Unfortunately every time she escaped she would usually come up with a dead mouse or bird for us. She was very quick and difficult to catch. We usually resorted to canned cat food to get her back in. She will tolerate brushing but is so-so about it. She would allow us to clip her nails. I don't recall her every hissing or biting the whole time we had her. She is pretty mellow. She will eat any cat food and is not picky at all."
Well, it was easy to see that Cressida is a slave to her tummy, which isn't all that bad considering we LOVE to spoil our residents with treats galore and daily canned food feeding frenzies! And nor worries about her acclimating, as within just a few short days at Big Sid's, she was quite comfortable and putty in the volunteers hands:) I am thankful that Judy didn't give up on finding a place for her to go, as she certainly deserves a chance at adoption and finding a fur-ever home of her own! Feleuk be damned, it isn't going to stop us from reaching our ultimate goal for this delightful little girl!

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