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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Charlee Boy

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Charlee Boy:

When Charlee first arrived, it was back in January of 2004, quite a bit before we had a sanctuary for Feleuk and FIV cats. Sadly, Charlee tested positive for Feleuk upon arrival (born in July of 2002), and I had nowhere for him to go ~ that is until my co-worker and friend Kellee Carlson stepped up and took him home. Thank God for Kellee, because it wasn't until July of that same year that we were finally able to open Big Sids!
Charlee and his girlfriend, Princess Jellee, lived harmoniously together, first in Kellee and her husband Jay's company, until my friend's sudden passing in November of 2004 left them without their mom. Jay took excellent care of the duo over the years, but when spring of 2010 rolled around, Jay's living situation changed, and he felt it best to let the kitties come back to me, lest they risk getting injured by an over-gregarious pair of Great Danes that were moving in.
So it was with mixed emotions that I welcomed the two back into our shelters; this reunion stirred up all sorts of memories of my friend, and also brought on tears of happiness and sadness, as Charlee and Princess Jellee were soon to be separated. Charlee was one lucky cat, as his Feleuk tests (three of them) all came back negative, also showing us that he had built up an immunity to the virus, but this meant that he would go to Crash's, and his girl would be going to Sid's. Initially i was fearful that the two wouldn't do well apart, having always relied on each other for comfort, but the great thing about our two places is that the cats at each one are SO gracious and welcoming, that I needn't have worried!
Charlee immediately took the Intake Room at Crash's by storm, and within mere days was out and about, gallivanting around the entire shelter, strutting his stuff! Princess was a bit more demure upon arrival, but was still extremely social and begging for attention (and getting it) from anyone who came her way! And as the other cats sidled up next to her to check her out, she allowed them to become her new BFF's ~ so all is well with the world!! I am happy to report to Jay that the cats are doing great in their new homes, and hopefully temporary homes at that!

Current residents
Crash's: 124
Big Sid's: 126

Since opening in Oct. 2002
2202 Adoptions
(221 from Big Sid's!)