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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Boggs

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Boggs:

The feral cat population in the greater Grand Rapids area is bigger than people realize; lucky for those cats in need that we have two local rescue groups who provide trap-neuter-return services for them, set up cat care colonies, and take them in when they are tame or injured. It was lucky for Boggs, who was born sometime in 2006, that Gina Marvin of Focus on Ferals was looking out for him:
"This guy is another from my cousin Mindy's colony. I think you still have Keane, from exact same place. Poor girl is a magnet for all of Heritage Hill's wayward cats. When I took him in this April (2012) I knew he would be FIV-positive, but he was not handleable at the time. So, I kept him in my isolation room for over a month, where he didn't have to be caged, hoping he would calm down: he did not. He hissed and spit when I tried to get close, and by that point I was not able to bring myself to put him down, so I set him up in a cage in my barn, planning on making him one of my barnies. During the 10 days he was in the relocation cage in my barn, he suddenly (and I mean suddenly!) became friendly. When I would go out to feed and scoop litter he headbutted me and wanted pets. At that point I emailed you to add him to your list. Sometimes it's like these cats know it's their last chance to tame down, not that my barn isn't a good life for a cat, but Big Sid's is much better!"
Good thing for Boggs that Gina didn't give up on him, but instead got attached and allowed him the time he needed to come out of his shell and into his own! When I first met him on June 26th, 2012, he was very intimidated by his new surroundings, but did indeed want affection bestowed upon him. He seemed a bit head-shy, so I gently opened up his mouth and discovered that all of his canine teeth had been broken down to the gum line, and that most of his remaining teeth were either loose or the gums were so raw and inflamed that I knew they soon would be. So I took him to surgery, extracted most of his teeth, knowing that once he woke up with antibiotics and narcotics on board, he was going to feel a whole lot better!
Once down at Big Sid's, he was allowed to roam in our intake room, and although he was more comfortable hunkering down inside of a cat bed or hiding out safely in one of our open cages, he was more than happy to receive his share of TLC from our volunteers. He doesn't mid being picked up and held now, though prefers you to keep him close to you if you do so. And, he is enjoying the other kitties in the suite.
We know he had an exceptionally difficult life before Mindy, Gina and I got hold of him, but we can promise Boggs now that the rest of his days will be filled with every creature comfort he so desires. I guarantee this beautiful boy will turn out to be one of the most splendid Big Sid's Kids ever, as the ones that come to us in such a bad way always end up being the most appreciative, affectionate cats in our care!

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