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Our featured cats for The River's Purrfect Friday: Blondie Purr-cell and Blackie Purr-ish

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Blondie Purr-cell and Blackie Purr-ish:

Back in May 2011 we were contacted by a nice group of gals who had a friend who was caring for two cats over in Eastown. Their friend was becoming more disabled and, although she had the cats neutered in the winter and fed and provided shelter for them, she was not able to care for them as pets. Unfortunately at that time, we had no openings, so we kept her into on hand to contact her when some arose. But then in July we were contacted again by her two fabulous friends, Elaine Dalcher and Carol Moore, because the cats' caretaker was now in assisted living due to a series of strokes AND the cats had tested positive for FIV - both of them. Carol was looking after them on daily basis, but with their FIV status, she knew they had to become indoor cats quickly.
At our sanctuary, we have a limited number of spaces available, and usually we are at capacity; in July we sadly had to say goodbye to several of our Sidizens so we were able to offer their spots to these two boys in need. I often marvel at the circle of life - when one leaves us it makes room to take another in; we cope with our heartbreaking losses knowing that we are able to help another lost soul.
So on July 23rd, I met Carol at her friend's house, and we corralled the hesitant boys into carriers so I could work them up at the clinic before heading off to Big Sid's. Blondie (born I think in July of 2007) was a hairy mess who needed two baths and a major overhaul on his hair coat, along with multiple tooth extractions due to cavities and gum disease that is common in FIV cats. He also had sloughed the surface off one of his toe pads, but otherwise seemed to be in pretty darn good shape. Of the two boys, whom I consider cousins, he is the more outgoing and confident, though much smaller than his pal.
Blackie (born in July of 2006 maybe) is a large fella, but he doesn't know his own strength (he weighed in at 16 pounds) so he relies on Blondie to be in charge. It is funny, as we see that often in the really big boys (take Kenneth for example!). Upon arrival, Blackie took up residence in a cozy closet with a few of our other newbies, and Blondie took to exploring once I gave him a little taste of what we had in store for him. And, when Carol came to visit him a week later, he was too busy to reunite with her - he had to show off his new surroundings! We are so happy we could help this wonderful group of gals out, and two deserving cats who needed to catch a break too. We are also thankful that their friend took such good care of them for over a year, gaining their trust and teaching them that people can be kind. So many cats do not get the second chance that Blackie and Blondie did, so we are going to make sure they do not want for anything while at Big Sid's with us, and maybe one day we can find them homes of their own!

Current residents
Crash's: 124
Big Sid's: 126

Since opening in Oct. 2002
2202 Adoptions
(221 from Big Sid's!)