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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Benjie

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Benjie:

Our beloved Benjie initially spent 8 days with us back in 2004, as a kitten named Hansel (yes, his sister was Gretel:). He was so darn cute and adorable that a wonderful woman by the name of Mary Holzgen scooped him up, and he went to live with her and another Crash Cat. The trio lived harmoniously and happily, a match made in heaven, but in 2011 Mary was diagnosed with cancer and poor Binkie had to be euthanized for the same. We talked about Crash's taking Benjie on as a resident when the time came, but we were hopeful as Mary was doing well, and her spirits were good. in fact, I saw both Benjie and Mary in the fall of 2011 for a routine visit at the vet clinic. But, on March 29th of 2012, her friend Jan brought Benjie to us, as Mary had to go into a hospice-type facility; three short days later she passed away.
I anticipated a huge adjustment for this beautiful boy, as he didn't know us and he was accustomed to a quieter life with one human and yes, a dog too. But he surprised me just a few short weeks after his arrival, when he meowed and asked to be let of our our intake room, where are newbies stay until they are comfortable being released to roam in the general 115-cat population. He tentatively made his rounds, got to meet and greet several of our residents, and went about making himself at home; a sigh of relief was heard from me as I saw him settle down into a bed and take a nap that very same afternoon.
Born in March of 2004, Benjie may be a senior citizen by many accounts, but he certainly has a lot of pep in his step and is agile, lithe and athletic. Although he was initially timid when Mary's caretakers would come over, he warmed up easily, and enjoyed being coaxed out from his favorite hiding place with canned food or Temptation treats. And once he was feeling fine, he reveled in cuddle time, especially receiving head and belly rubs. I was told the first dog he lived with had the audacity to chase after him quite a bit, which he wasn't too fond of, but the second canine in the house was not so gregarious and left Benjie alone for the most part. So, if we find him a home with a pup present, we feel we owe it to him to give him a companion who will let him go about his business without much interruption. Honestly, a mellow home for this mellow fellow would be ideal.
It was heartbreaking for this guy to have his whole world turned upside down, but we are happy to report he has landed safely on all four paws and is doing well with us here. However, that said, we want Benj to have a home of his own once again, with a mom (and maybe even a dad) who will love him to bits, for the rest of his kitty life!

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