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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Barney

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Barney:

In February of 2012 during a bitter cold snap, the rescue Animal Resource Center near Lansing took in a large, intact male that had been left behind in a neighborhood when his owners so nicely took off for warmer temperatures, leaving their cats outdoors to fend for themselves. Animal control was notified and took possession of Barney, as he was dubbed, but when he tested positive for FIV, their resources were limited and he couldn't be put up for adoption through their regular channels. Their director Megan McMahon contacted me in March asking for placement for this lovaable lug, who was confined to a cage in their cattery, allowed only limited supervision when someone was right there with him. Her description of him was sweet:
"Barney shows no signs of aggression and actually seems to be very sociable and wants to be around the other cats. In fact, when a cat does hiss or swat at him, he just shrugs it off and moves away. He is a big lug of a guy and will plop down anywhere you put him as long as he can just stretch out. He also loves attention, and although a bit too big to be held comfortably, he will sit next to you or on your lap and rolls over, waving his paws in the air. My concern is not that Barney will infect other cats, but that he will be infected with feline herpes virus here at the shelter, as we have a few cats with active infections. I realize you must be full, but if there is any chance you would have room for him, we'd appreciate it. He is such a sweetheart. I think if you gave him a remote and a couch he would be happy!"
Well, Megan wasn't lying when she described him, and when we were finally able to take him into Big Sid's on June 18th of 2012, I was thrilled to meet such a darling fella whose aim was to please in any way, shape, or form! Typically our newbies are started off in our intake room to allow them to slowly acclimate to their new surroundings, but within a few days, Barney was begging to be let out and roam the building. One of our volunteers quickly emailed me after having first met him, exclaiming that he had to be one of THE friendliest cats we have taken in this year, and we have taken in some gems! He adores showing his contentment by head butting you every chance he gets, and you can certainly see by the photo snapped of him that he is one happy, serene, satisfied resident! Nothing makes ME happier than to see a cat like Barney thrive at our place; a cat that was tossed away and forgotten is now center stage in a 'home' that will cater to his every need, spoil him rotten and love him to pieces!

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