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Our featured cat for The River's Purrfect Friday: Al-catraz

Here's what Dr. Jen had to say about Al-catraz:

It never fails: when holiday weekends fall upon us, injured cats seem to fall from the skies. Luckily we in rescue work rarely take a weekend off (the cats have no sense of down time:), because this poor fella wasn't able to take refuge at our local Humane Society, even though his rescuer volunteered there. Most rescues are filled to the brim during spring and summer months, and such was the case with them as well as us, BUT we always save room for an injured cat or two, just in case. So when our intake coordinator got a call from Mary Beth Deiter asking for our help, I drove on over on my way to the clinic and picked her stray on up.
Seems that a few days prior this young, strapping fella had made his way on up to her Heritage Hill apartment, begging to get let in so he could chow down and crash on her sofa; in fact he was so persistent at pawing at their screens that they finally gave in and let him take the place over:) When he started limping on his left foreleg a few days later, she tried to get help for him... and that is where we came in. As it turns out his suffered a bite wound from fighting with another cat since he was intact, but he fared well after a course of antibiotics and pain medication.
So how did he get his name, you ask, since he tried to break IN to Mary's apartment?? Well once Al started feeling better, he decided he couldn't be contained at the clinic, and scaled the metal mesh door to his run any and every chance he got; if I wasn't paying attention, I would catch him hightailing it down the hallway at the clinic, relishing his new-found freedom. We played this game repeatedly over a three day period, until I finally decided he was sturdy enough on all four feet to make his way down to Crash's. And the funny thing was, once he settled in there, he was no longer my little escape artist, but actually content to hunker down and enjoy the creature comforts provided for him. However, the name stuck as it fit him so well!
Born in March of 2010, Al-catraz is a social guy with lots to do. He got along great with Mary's cats and thinks hanging out with about 100 other kitties at Crash's is pretty cool as well. He is quite adventurous as one would guess, but he also enjoys cuddle time and lap-lounging, so I have no qualms about him making a top-of-the-line family cat! He is as handsome as they come and really enjoys his new life indoors; no more mad dashes for him, as he has it made!

Current residents
Crash's: 124
Big Sid's: 126

Since opening in Oct. 2002
2202 Adoptions
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